Unser bisher schönsten Projekte

  • ASEA Västeras - Laser Marking, Control for the world's first laser marking machine
    Software Development, Commissioning
  • Bahrain Cement - Industrial network, engineering, software development, commissioning
  • BMW Munich - Data concentrators and RFID network, software development, commissioning support
  • BMW Regensburg - Industrial Ethernet, Engineering, support during commissioning
  • BMW Munich - Body high-bay warehouse, software optimization, bug fixes
  • Bombardier Hennigsdorf - SBB TWINDEXX, DB DO2010, Software Architecture, Software Development TCSM (Mitrac), EN50128, KW-Soft STL, ST, C #, Enterprise Architect, Doors
  • Bilfinger Salzburg -  Team Lead Automation Platform for Bioreactor 4.0, Software Architect, SW development, GMP, GAMP5 Cat5, GAMP5 Cat4
  • Daimler Sindelfingen- BDE, crisis management support, troubleshooting BDE protocols
  • Flughafen Düsseldorf - Automation baggage handling technology, SW development, support during commissioning
  • Flughafen Heathrow - Automation baggage handling technology, engineering, software development, commissioning
  • Flughafen Salzburg - Automation Baggage Handling, Engineering, Software Development, Commissioning
  • Haindl Papier Düsseldorf - PPS connection / Support crisis system, optimization software, bug fixing in communication software
  • KFA Jülich - Nuclear fusion reactor Textor - gas inlet system, software development, commissioning
  • Kuka Augsburg - New Automation Friction welding systems, concept development, SW development, commissioning of prototypes, S5-135U with 4 S processors (first productive use of the control system)
  • Modellkraftwerk Völklingen - World's first fault-tolerant controller, support prototype (world's first S5-150H controller), system test, commissioning support
  • Mobil Oil Automation Buthan-Production- SW development, startup support
    (first productive system deployment)
  • Opel Rüsselsheim, Bochum - Manager Crisis Systems, Troubleshooting PLC Systems
  • Paladin Nürnberg - Process automation, yoghurt production, concept development, engineering, support for SW development and commissioning
  • RWE Kopenhagen - Combined Heating Plants, project management, development of the PROFINET IO system, development of control software, safety engineering with TÜV approval, commissioning, S7, WinAC-RTX, Profibus, STEP7, distributed safety, STL, SCL, WinCC, web server
  • Stadt Salzburg -Water supply (scada system, network, PLC's), project management, concept development, support for SW development and commissioning
  • Stiegl Brauerei Salzburg- Totally Integrated Automation, project management, support for SW development for control system and automation for brewhouse, fermentation / storage cellar, laboratory and BDE. PLC, SQL Server (Microsoft, Oracle), Profibus, Ethernet.
  • SIG Combibloc - Printing cylinder bearings, project management, concept development automation, software development for automation and warehouse management software (Oracle 10g), S7-400, Oracle DB, Industrial WLAN, Sinamics, Profibus, STEP7 STL, SCL, FBD, C, Corba-DB
  • Siemens AG Deutschland - Various system tests for SIMATIC S5, S7
  • Siemens AG Österreich - Development of Profibus stations for connection of motor control CHP, WinAC-RTX, S7-300, C, C ++, CAN J1939, STEP7, STL, SCL, Distributed Safety
  • Syrian Oil Company - Pipeline control and management system Banias - Homs, Commissioning Line
  • Thyssen Krefeld - Stainless steel continuous casting plant, concept development control, SW development automation, commissioning, PLC, drives
  • VW Emden - High Availability Body-FTS, Optimization Software and Communication
  • VW Wolfsburg- Industrial network, MDE coupling, optimization and troubleshooting

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