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BixCS -
The totally customized control system

modular . flexible . open . customized
Contrary to the flow of automation market leader's overloaded uniformity


rugged . durable . sustainable
operating up to -40 ... +70 °C
up to 15 years lifetime , 5 years warranty


IPC-100 Series
Box-PC ARM- / AMD-based

NXP-, Broadcom or AMD SoC, rugged and compact, various interfaces, Linux-packages, customer specific configurations.


IPC-200 Series
Box-PC intel Apollo Lake Atom

Rugged, compact, fanless design, CPU E3950 or J3455, RAM up to 16 GB, storage M.2 up to 250 GB.


IPC-300 Series
Box-PC intel Core i5-/i7-based

Rugged, compact, faness design, CPU 7th generation intel Core i5 or i7, RAM up to 32 GB, Storage M.2-SSD and 2,5"-Disk,
scalable interfaces on front 


IPC-400 Series
Box-PC intel Xeon E3 - based

Rugged, compact IPC, fanless design, CPU intel Core i7 or XEON E3, high performance graphic cards for up to 7 displays,
RAM max. 64GB ECC,
Storage 2x SSD NVM / RAID, Siemens CP16xx as option.


Our flexible, open systems exactly match your requirements in hardware and software. That creates competitive advantages.

System BixCS

Modular, flexible, open, customized. This is BixCS©. A heterogen automation system.
Contrary to the flow of market leader's overloaded uniformity

System platform based on Linux Yocto, choose runtime components like PLC, HMI, messaging, web communication. Easy integration of other Linux applications due to heterogeneous system architecture.

BixCS-200 series

Windows 10 based system platform, ideal for small devices with need for SCADA and PLC on one computer. Optionally also with integrated batch system, also GAMP5 compatible.


BixCS-300 series

Windows based platform with integrated, fully compatible SIMATIC S7-400 Soft-PLC. Connection of field devices optionally via PROFIBUS DP, PROFINET IO, Ethernet / IP or Modbus TCP. Freely combinable with Scada systems Intouch, WinCC or Zenon. Configuration and programming with TIA Portal or STEP7 Professional.


System platform for the realization of fanless Scada workstations or servers, connection of up to 7 displays, optionally with Scada Software Intouch, WinCC or Zenon, optionally with integrated Siemens CP's via PCIe.


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